Rates & Discounts

I offer a discount for first-time customers of 5% off the entire bill.  This will only apply when I (Nate) am escorting the load.  I can’t offer this for my other escorts.

We will also negotiate if you have a project that will require a dedicated escort.

Standard Rates:

  • High Pole – $450 minimum daily rate or $1.70/mile (whichever is more)
  • Route Survey – $450 minimum daily rate or $1.70/mile (whichever is more)
  • Lead/Chase – $1.60/Mile
  • Minimum – $300/Day
  • Hold Time – $30/Hour after 2 hours
  • Overnights – $70/Night
  • Retention – $300/Day
  • No-Go – $300/Day

Please contact us directly for more information or details on rates.

Oversize Load Escort & Pilot Car Services

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